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About me

I am a passionate product designer who has been helping large and small businesses design and produce their products for the past 8 years. From large international brands to new start-ups, my experience spans many industries, from electronics, to medical devices, to luxury, to furniture, to packaging, and many more. I approach product design methodically and with coherence so that the design of the product results in an added value and a positive impact for my clients. 


Currently based in Montreal, Canada, I am used to working with international clients and am able to support you wherever you may be located. 


Product design / Industrial product design / Packaging / Brand identity / Workshops / 3D modeling / 3D rendering / Technical drawings and engineering drawings / Functional prototypes.


Every object tells a story. Going beyond just an aesthetic treatment of an object, I integrate brand strategy and coherency into the object while considering the manufacturing constraints, so that the final product tells an impactful story. 


My process includes three large phases that are divided up into the steps below. I am able to support you from the very first idea of the product to its production and even beyond.





07 Support.

Once the new product is in the market, the target market needs to be made aware of it. Supporting communication materials such as 3D visuals or 3D animations and videos can help convey the product’s different attributes as well as the company’s vision.

05 Refine.

A selection of concepts are chosen to be developed further. Focus is placed on user experience and aesthetic aspects are explored in greater detail. Prototypes and testing help validate certain aspects of the product before launching production.

04 Explore.

Through workshops, moodboards, sketches, and 3D modeling with CAD tools, several different creative routes which respond to the brief are explored.

01 Meet.

During the first meeting, the project is discussed in greater detail. The aim is to learn more about your company and get a better understanding of the needs and goals of the project. Having an opportunity to speak together is important in getting the project started in the right direction.

06 Develop.

A design is finalized and prepared for production. Engineering and technical drawings are created. Collaborating and discussing with manufacturers ensures an optimal result with the final product.

02 Analyse.

Research is conducted to get a better understanding of the market and the target market(s).

03 Define.

The brief is consolidated with the insights found in the analysis step, structuring and clarifying the direction to be taken.

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